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Job Application
Note: A conviction does not necessarily mean disqualification. If so, please provide details. City, county, state, dates, charges, etc.
  •  I also understand and agree that:
    1) In Home Pet Groomer reserves the right to implement a drug testing program in the future.
    2) A background check is required as a condition of employment.
    3) A criminal background check is required as a condition of employment.
    4) A driving record is required as a condition of employment.
    5) A signed non compete agreement is required as a condition of employment.
    6) The completion of a personal skill evaluation may be requested and required.
    7) Business needs may require as a condition of employment that I work different shifts, positions or overtime.

    By clicking on the submit button below, I certify that the information in this application or any additional forms, is current, truthful, accurate and complete. I understand that omissions or incorrect information may result in disqualification from further consideration for, or termination of, employment. I authorize In Home Pet Groomer to verify my employment history, credentials, and to obtain any information that may be relevant to make an employment decision. I release In Home Pet Groomer and those supplying the information to In Home Pet Groomer  from liability with regard to use or disclosure of the information applied.