| Frequently Asked Questions
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Do you offer the same Services a mainstream salon or grooming van offers?


Yes we perform all services you are used to by Pet Spas, Dog Salons, Mobile Grooming Van, etc, but in a stress free environment for your pet. Your own home.



Can you perform bread cuts?


Our groomers are trained and members of the National Groomer Association of America. Yes we can perform breed specific cuts.



What are your opening hours?


Our operating hours are 9Am to 4Pm.



Do I need to provide any equipment?


No. Our groomers will bring their own pet grooming equipment.



How do you ensure that my house will stay clean? Do you clean after the groom?


Our groomers use a clipper vac system that vacuums the hair while clipping your pet. We also use a natural sanitizer to clean the area that we groom in.



Can I make appointments on short notice?


While we can not make guarantees, we will do what we can to cater to your schedule.



Do I have to be home for the groom?


After an initial meeting we can definitely  make arrangements, so you do not have to be there for grooming appointments. Either by leaving a key just like for pet sitters or a code for the  garage door. We are all about safety and convenience!



Do you have a referral program?


Yes. You and the new client you refer to will get a discount on their next groom.



What are the benefits of in home grooming?


The grooming salon environment can be stressful for your dog. It has new smells, new noises, other animals, and people constantly coming and going.Your home is a stress-free place for your dog. For more information on in home grooming advantages, please click here.



Can you groom bigger dogs?


Yes we can groom them but will need access to a bathing area such as a bath tub..we use a special drain to catch the hair to protect your drains and sanitize throughly after groom.
Please call us for details and individual pricing for large dogs.



Do you groom cats?


Yes we groom cats.



What about cancellations?


Cancellations must be made with in 24 hrs in advance to avoid $35.00 cancellation fee.



Is there a minimum charge?


The minimum charge per appointment is $35.



What payment options do you offer?


Cash or personal check.



Do I need to tip the groomer?


While tips for our dog and cat groomers, are not mandatory, they are greatly appreciated.